What a wonderful thank you email!



We received this beautiful thank you email from an all girls group home that we serve. It might make you cry…

I just had to write to you and say “the birthday box is AMAZING!!!” I’m blown away. We have never been able to offer our kiddos something like this. I know it is just going to make them feel even more excited for their birthday then they already are. And for some girls who struggle with the thought of having a birthday I think this will make them feel super special and cared for. Most of these girls, who come to us so filled with fear, scars and uncertainty, never in their dreams thought they would have a ​birthday party. For some it is their first one ever . That is something a “family” proudly ​does for its children ……but our girls have rarely led a loving, nurturing life while supported by proud parents. We have the chance to change that and create new memories for our girls that help them to grow and heal. Birthdays are one of the monumental cherished memories in every ones life, thank you for making it so special!!!!!!​W e are so fortunate to you and volunteers for becoming a part of our girls new “family “.