Save Their Smiles

News about the COVID-19 coronavirus is breaking all around us at an unprecedented speed. Thousands of new cases in the U.S. have been discovered so far, hospitals are bracing for a massive influx of people needing care, schools are being closed, businesses are temporarily closing or moving online, and more. 
Given this quickly-changing environment and recommendations for cancelling any and all public gatherings, we are grateful that the Chateau Bellevue is allowing us to cancel Black Dresses for Happy Birthdays at no cost. They have been great to work with, and we are thankful for the relationship.  
But Happy Birthdays needs your help! Since we had to cancel our primary fundraiser, we are in drastic times for our nonprofit. Without much needed donations, Happy Birthdays will have to shut our doors by this summer. In order to continue providing birthday boxes for homeless and foster care children, we need your financial support. Later this week we will be launching our SAVE THEIR SMILES campaign. Will you help us save their smiles? Visit to keep us going!